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Q: What is HDTV?
A: High-definition television is the newest technology advancement, bringing viewers superior picture and audio quality. Viewers will enjoy sharper pictures, crystal clear surround sound, vibrant colors, wider screen and ten times the detail of standard television. With HDTV you'll create the ultimate home theater experience!

Q: How is HDTV different than digital?
A: Although Cable ONE Digital provides excellent pictures and sound, HDTV customers will notice an even sharper picture and improved sound. A television image is comprised of pixels or small adjacent dots on the screen. The smaller the pixel, the sharper the picture resolution. High-definition television can broadcast at resolutions as high as 2 million pixels, while the resolutions of digital broadcasts are in the 210,000 pixel range. The result is that you receive a picture that is nearly 10x sharper than standard TV broadcasts.

Q: What equipment do I need to receive HDTV?
A: You will need a high-definition television set, available from retailers, Cable One CableCARD, HD receiver or HD-DVR.

Q: How much will HDTV cost?
A: High definition programming is free with Cable One. If you have an HDTV you will receive all the HD channels offered by Cable One that you subscribe to in standard definition at no extra cost. Equipment fee of $5 per month for HD receiver or $2.95 per month for Cablecard included. Restrictions apply.

Q: Will my old TV be obsolete?
A: No. However, it’s not possible to see the upgraded HDTV picture or hear the enhanced sound quality on a non-HDTV television set. You’ll only want to upgrade to HDTV if you have an HDTV set. In any event, your current cable programming choices will not be affected in any way.

Q: Does all TV programming come in HDTV?
A: HDTV is still a fairly new technology. Not all programmers have not provided their signals in a HDTV format. Only programs filmed in HDTV or converted to HDTV will have the improved picture and sound quality.

Q: When will you add more programming?
A: We are constantly in contact with local broadcasters as well as cable programmers in order to provide you with the most HDTV programming available. As networks are added, we’ll make announcements letting you know the networks that have been added to your HDTV lineup.

Q: How do I hook up my HDTV Receiver?
A: Connecting the HDTV Receiver is easy. Just refer to the instructions in this setup guide which explain how to connect the receiver to your TV and detail the various outputs on the receiver.