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CableONE Easy Pay FAQ

Q. Why can’t I choose my Cable ONE Easy Pay date?
A. When enrolling into Cable ONE Easy Pay you will be automatically assigned a payment date based on your billing cycle and bill due date. Unfortunately you will not be able to select a payment date.

Q.What is the difference between Cable ONE Easy Pay and having a stored Credit Card on file?
A. With Cable ONE Easy Pay, your Cable ONE bill is paid automatically each month. A stored credit card is a method to secure an account and will only be charged if your account becomes delinquent.

Q. What happens if my credit card expires?
A. If the credit or debit card you have on file with us for Cable ONE Easy Pay is going to expire you may go online at mybill.cableone.net, sign in and update the expiration date. As long as you provide this information prior to the month the card expires, your monthly bill will continue to be paid via Cable ONE Easy Pay.

Q. How can I be sure that my account has been paid with Cable ONE Easy Pay?
A. You will receive an email confirmation notice that a payment has been made.

Q. Will the automatic payment ever be different from my monthly statement?
A. In some cases, your monthly automatic withdrawal can be different than your monthly statement. For example, if services are purchased after your statement is printed but before your automatic payment date, the withdrawal amount will include service charges.

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