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Google Migration

If you used your @cableone.net email address to create a Personal Google Account to access other Google Services, such as Picasa or YouTube, your Personal Google Account will be a conflicting Google Account. If your account has this conflicting situation, you will receive a notification from Google the first time you log into your Personal Google Account, along with step-by-step instructions for resolving the issue.

This site has been developed to assist you to understand a Conflicting Personal Google Account and give you a brief overview of the simple steps Google will require to resolve your conflicting account.

Conflicting Account

A conflicting account occurs when you have a Personal Google Account using a @cableone.net email address. Most Cable One customers will not have a conflicting account. Play the video below which explains a conflicting Personal Google Account.

Resolving Conflicting Accounts

If you have a conflicting account, you will be prompted with the below message when logging into your Personal Google Account. If you have a conflicting account you have 3 options to resolve your conflicting Personal Google Account:

  1. Resolve the conflicting account when logging in.
  2. Do it later, and Google will automatically create a new temporary login email address for your Personal Google Account.
  3. Continue to sign in to your account, and you’ll be prompted to resolve the conflict next time your login to your personal google account.
Update Your Account Google Image

Whichever option you choose, Google will walk you through the simple steps to resolve your conflicting account.

If you need additional assistance, Google has created a web site to provide additional information to help you resolve your Personal Google Account conflict:


Frequently Asked Questions

If I don’t update my account, will I lose my data on my Personal Google Account?
No, Google will keep your personal data and account. Your login for your Personal Google Account will be automatically change to a temporary login name.
For example, if your login for your Personal Google Account was test@cableone.net, Google will assign a temporary login of test%cableone.net@gtempaccount.com

Does this mean I will have to use two different sign-ins, one for my Personal Google Account and one for my CableOne account?
Yes, as they will no longer be conflicting since you now have two different logins.