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Billing FAQ

Online Bill Payment Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's:

Q. How does advance billing work?
A. Cable One bills all customers in advance for monthly standard service charges and in arrears for usage-based charges. Credits or charges for any service changes made during the month will be reflected.

Q. When is my bill due?
A. Payment in full is due to Cable One by the “Due By” date indicated on your statement. If full payment is not received by this date your bill will become past due and may be subject to additional fees such as late payment charges, electronic reactivation fees, returned check fees, or subject to disconnection of service.

Q. How do I handle a disagreement with any portion of my bill?
A. If you have any questions regarding your bill or disagree with any portion of your bill, immediately contact Cable One with your concerns. You must contact us no later than 60 days from the bill’s Due By date at 1-877-692-2253.

Q. What are Franchise fees?
A. Cable One is required to pay the Franchise Fees to provide cable TV services in your area. Cable One is permitted to pass the fees through as a separate line item on your bill. The fee calculation is pursuant to FCC rules and federal law.

Q. When does a prorate of my bill occur?
A. If you have recently added or removed services in the middle of your billing cycle you will notice an increase or decrease in your monthly bill. This charge reflects the differences between your previous monthly rate and the new monthly rate from the date of the change in service to the end of the current billing cycle. The date ranges for these charges or credits will show in the detail section of your cable statement.

Q. How do I register for Cable ONE’s Online Bill Payment?
A. It is easy to set up an Online Bill Payment account. On the Online Bill Payment page, select the “Register” link. You will then be directed to enter your Cable ONE account number and read our terms of use. You will then need to enter your personal account information, e-mail address, password and bill payment method. Your account number is located on your Cable One paper billing statement. (Make sure to keep your password and security information private and safe.) When you are finished entering this information, select the “Submit” link.

Q. Can I view my entire billing statement online?
A.Yes you can! After you’ve logged into our payment portal there will be options to view your current billing statement on the Payment Options screen.

Q. How will I know my payment was successfully processed?
A. Your last payment amount will appear in the Online Payment History web page after a payment is confirmed. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail from Cable ONE confirming a payment was made to your account.

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