Test your Internet Speed

Run an Internet Speed Test, it's a fast, free, easy to use home speed check


Make sure you're getting the fastest Internet speed possible.
Test your Internet connection to ensure you're getting the speed you pay for.

Number 1


Plug your PC directly into your cable modem or router and disconnect or turn off WiFi.
Number 2

Shut Down Applications

Make sure no other applications are running on your computer.
Number 3

Check for Other Users

Make sure your PC is the only device using the Internet connection.

Unexpected results?

Don't worry! Unexpected results does not mean that there's a problem with your Internet connection. A loose connection, interference or even distance to your wifi router can be an issue. Read Our Wifi Tips

Improve Internet Speed

These factors may explain why your Internet is being slow. Check these issues to get good/better Internet speed.

Modem icon


Your modem may not be able to meet the speed of your Internet plan. It may be time to check or upgrade your modem.

TV icon


Other devices may be slowing down your Internet. Make sure to turn off devices that aren't being used.

Life bouy icon


Needy neighbors may be accessing your network, and the reason your Internet is extremely slow. Set up a secure wifi password to get the fastest home Internet.

WiFi icon


Testing your Internet connection while connected to wi-fi may deliver slower results. You may need to adjust the channel on your wireless network. See the Wireless provider's website or handbook for guidance.